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Welcome to The Animal Channel Official Site!



Welcome to the Animal ChanneOFFICIAL site!

     The Animal Channel gives you a glimpse of the constantly changing planet, and gives you information on many animal species. Earth is going through some hard times right now, so it is up to you and the help of The Animal Channel to save Earth's various wildlife from leaving this planet for good. Are you up to the challenge?

     Tell your friends and family what this site is all about. The more people who know, the more wildlife we will help save. Knowledge is key. Please visit the "Biodiversity101" page to learn some other ways to help Earth's wildlife.


Coastal Creatures Video with Trivia click here.

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            ImageThe "PROJECT ANOLE" page has been added!


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    What animal do you want in the next episode of The Animal Channel?
    E-mail me spesifics at or visit my YouTube Channel myimmortalstudio and we will talk there.

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